Discord Coin Bot and Dashboard

The Discord Coin Bot allows creators the ability to grant roles and channel access to their Discord server based on a user's creator coin balance and/or donation activity.


To invite the Rally Discord Coin Bot to your discord server, navigate to the following link :


After you have invited the bot to your server, make sure it has a higher permission order than any role you wish to gate. The bot will not be able to grant a role to a user if the role is higher in the hierarchy than the bot role.

The Bot has a higher hierarchy than DONOR, therefore It can automatically assign this role to users.

Setup your coin

As the server owner, you will need to setup your coin. To do so, simply go to the server that has the bot installed, and type in the chat !coin setup <coinname>

(An example would be !coin setup SKOT)

Setting up your coin is a very important step that will allow many other commands and functionality to work.


As the server owner, it is possible to use the dashboard to manage your gates.

How to use the dashboard

  1. Navigate to the link above and login with your discord admin account. (It is important that you use the right account. Many users don't realise that they log-in to a different discord account when on their browser. You can validate this by ensuring you Username + tag is the same, eg: user#1234)

  2. Once Logged in, you will see your list of servers under the category (Servers) on the left menu. Select the server you wish to use.

  3. If you have not installed the bot yet on your server, you will see a window prompting you to install it. Simply click on the discord Icon at that point and It will bring you to the right page to grant access to the discord bot to your server.

  4. Prior to be able to use the dashboard, ensure that you have setup a coin on your server. Currently you have to manually do this step by going in discord and typing !coin setup MYCOIN

The dashboard

Once you have selected a server on the left menu, you will be able to visualize quick information about the coin setup on your server using the Dashboard page. In this example, GGSC was used. You can see the coin price at the top, with some other coin information and graphics about them.

The coin summary details of GGSC is available in the cards. More features with the creator coin will be added on this dashboard as it evolves.

Setting a new Gated Role

Ensure that the role bot always has a higher hierarchy than any other role that you wish to gate. Discord policy blocks a lower role from granting access to higher role. You must do this in discord manually.

In this example, the coin_bot role is above all other roles in the list.

You can navigate to the Gates page to manage your server gated role accesses.

Two sections are going to be shown on the page (Active, Inactive).

You will have the full list of roles available in your server shown in the Inactive section. Those are the roles that have not yet been registered with a Gated access.

Press the Edit button in order to begin editing a gate.

You can gate the role simply by pressing the Edit button as the end of the row. Doing so will reveal two new fields which you need to fulfill:

  • Amount

  • Gate Type

The gate types follow the same structure as mentioned below in this documentation.

Example while editing an inactive gate.

Once you are done you will be able to monitor how many users have subscribed to the role

Example after a role has been registered and gated with a type.


  • Once you have gated a role, you cannot change the gate type, unless you delete the gate, and make a new one.

  • You must be a Creator in the Rally network and have your own creator coin

  • The Discord Coin Bot requires you have a Discord server

  • You must link your Rally.io account with Discord. (https://www.rally.io/settings/)

Anytime you see <value> inside a command, it is meant to be fulfilled without the brackets '<' and '>' when actually using the command in discord.

Command: !coin donate <qty>

A user can directly donate to the specified server coin setup. This simplifies the process for a fan to donate directly to the creator by using the discord bot command (!coin donate <qty>). Users must have linked their account at Rally.io with discord for this command to work.


Command: !coin send @DiscordUserName <qty>

A user can directly interact with other users inside the discord server by trading the specified server coin setup. This allows for a simplified transaction without the need to go at Rally.io. Users must have linked their account at Rally.io with discord for this command to work.


There are three types of gates available with the bot, which will allow users to grant themselves a role based on certain criteria's. This allows creator to give special access to content, events or rooms based on their needs.

Donation Gate

Command: !coin donationGate --role "<Role Name>" --amount <AMOUNT>

The Donation Gate will grant a role based on a user lifetime donations in USD to the server coin setup.

This is a once valid, forever valid gate. If the user has reached the threshold, he will keep indefinitely the role.

Balance Gate

Command: !coin balanceGate --role "<Role Name>" --amount <AMOUNT>

The balance gate will grant a role based on a user current coin balance he's holding.

The balance of the user is checked everytime he performs a transaction. If his balance drop belows the requirement for the gate, the user will be removed from the role. He can regain it again by obtaining the right quantity and join again.

Recurring Gate

Command: !coin recurringGate --role "<Role Name>" --amount <AMOUNT>

The recurring gate will automatically validate a user monthly donations in USD and renew his right to keep the role for another month, or remove it.

The recurring gate has a grace period of 3 days. At the beginning of a new month, if a user has not provided the specified donation quantity, he will be messaged to renew in the next 3 days. After 3 days, the user loses the role, unless he donated the amount by then.

The recurring gate starts accepting donations for the next month 2 days in advance, to give enough time to users to renew their commitment to the recurring gate.