Currently each webhook can subscribe to Coins and Events.

Coin Subscriptions

A webhook can listen to events from a specific Creator Coin or multiple Creator Coins. For example, if a webhook is only subscribed to the KSK coin, it will only receive events involving the KSK coin.

Event Subscriptions

The current list of supported Events are:




Notifies on Purchase of a Creator Coin


Notifies on a Donation of a Creator Coin


Notifies on a Transfer of a Creator Coin


Notifies on a Redemption of a Creator Coin


Notifies on a Convert involving a Creator Coin

Bridge Out

Notifies on a Bridge Out of RLY

Creator Approved Data Access

By default, the data sent with each Event is permitted for public display. There exists another tier of data access that contains additional fields that are normally only viewable by the Creator themselves. This level of access can be granted to a webhook for specific Creator Coins by the Creator themselves.

Example Use Case

A Creator has hired a developer to build a dashboard that will display stats about transactions involving his Creator Coin in a different layout than what is available on the rally.io website. Since this application will only be used by the Creator himself and not the public, he has granted "creator approved" status to the webhook so it can have access to the full set of transactional data.