Rally supports the creation of a Deeplink specifically for the Send-to-Creator (Donate) transaction flow. Until the Rally developer APIs can natively support the initiation of a transaction, deep links can be a convenient way to structure a Send transaction to a creator.

Use case example:

A Twitch streamer named HoTSjoe is famous for his ability to play the game Heroes of the Storm. He also has his own Creator Coin. During his stream sessions, he accepts character requests from his viewers where he will play a specific character of their choosing. These character requests are paid for using his Creator Coin. Instead of having his viewers go to the rally website, initiate the Send-to-Creator transaction flow, type in the correct amount of Creator Coin to for that character and type in the character name, HoTSjoe can create a set of deep links that will automatically pre-fill all those details for the user and directly take the viewer to the transaction confirmation page.

Deep Link format:





The symbol of the Creator Coin. e.g. KSK


the unit type for this txn. accepted values are USD or COINS


the amount of the unit type to send

noteContents (optional)

the memo note text if any. (URL encoded)

referenceData (optional)

200 char or less (URL encoded). this field is not visible to the user and will be passed all the way thru including back to any webhook events