Welcome to the Rally Developer API

The Rally Developer APIs and ecosystem are actively being developed. We will do our best to make sure this site is updated with the latest information and thank you in advance for your early interest and patience as we build out and improve this system.

Currently there are three ways to access data via the Rally APIs.

  1. A set of publicly available GET calls that return information about the Creator Coins that exist on the Rally sidechain

  2. A webhook system that can notify your application when an event happens on a specific Creator Coin. For example, you can register a webhook url endpoint that will listen for and receive an event when a Donation happens on the KSK coin.

  3. An Oauth 2 system where developers can enable their app to authenticate against a Rally account and thus get access to data about users' accounts or take action on their accounts.

Note: To use the Webhooks or Oauth system you will first need to register as a developer.